September 18th, 2011

I know I have been severely neglecting this blog again but I am still around! And very busy too. I started another new website at the tail end of July and it has become a full time job and more. I start posting to it early in the mornings and I’m up until late in the evenings promoting it. It has been doing exceptionally well. The website I started about 4 or 5 months ago ( I’ve decided that I will be rarely updating it anymore. It’s just been too much to try to maintain both websites.

The new site is at and it is also a humor website not too different from Laff Away but it’s decidedly less safe for work. Although, I can’t actually call it not safe for work. The new site is definitely not porn nor does it even have any full nudity in case you want to check it out. It is however very adult in nature. I just want to make sure you understand that before you go over there, lol. I try to make the site humor friendly for both men and women in that I try to make fun of men just as much as women. I think the fan base is about 75% female, 25% male. I update it daily, even on weekends for now so there’s always new stuff available. Here’s the url for the fan page for the site on Facebook in case you want to “Like” it to get the posts in your Facebook news stream.

About the name, Humorgasms, it’s not quite as sexual as it sounds. When you laugh, it feels good which makes laughing a type of orgasm if you will. Hence, laughing = humorgasm. Simple, right? Anyway, if you’re curious, this is what I have been up to!

I have deleted both the Blogs Gone Wild and Laff Away Twitter accounts and I have a new one here: Humorgasms on Twitter.

As far as Blogs Gone Wild goes, I’ll still accept work over there but on an extremely limited basis, the truth is I haven’t had any new work there in a few months now. If you have one of my blog designs and you need assistance, I’m still here to help you! So, I am still doing tech support for my work!

Take care and I hope you’re all safe and healthy!

July 8th, 2011

A neighbor across the street from me owns a dog named Duke. Duke is a very sweet and loveable outside dog and he is free to wander around the neighborhood. Everyone loves him and he never causes any trouble. A few months ago he adopted a dangerous habit of sleeping in the street late at night after his owner had turned in and I became very concerned about his safety. Cars passing thru would have to literally go around him. Some would honk their horn at him to move but he wouldn’t even look up, totally trusting that no one would hurt him.

I’m up late so I would see him doing this and I would chase him off the street only to find him back sleeping in the same spot a half hour later. Frustrated and worried about him, I started making him come in to my house and let him spend the night sleeping on the rug near my front door. Over time we became the best of friends, now he spends about 50% of his time hanging out with me and sleeps over every night. During the day is at his owners home across the street.

The guy that owns him found him wandering the streets after Hurricane Katrina and was never able to find his true owner, so he is a hurricane survivor. He is also quite a character and very independent. Last week I got a brand new Android smartphone and I was trying out the video camera and Duke happened to be handy as my very first movie subject. So, here’s Duke!

To be honest, he doesn’t really wag his tail on command, he will pretty much wag at anything I say to him, he loves attention. His tail would make a great duster wouldn’t it? lol He has become quite a good buddy and I know he loves hanging out with me. He loves taking walks and he walks with me every evening. I still have no idea why he liked sleeping in the street but I’m glad to have him around and safe.

That’s all I got today, hope you guys have a great weekend!

June 18th, 2011

I spent last weekend in Dallas, Tx, attending my sister’s wedding. I will go into more detail but first I need to vent some rage. Before I left for Dallas I had some last minute shopping to do and I ended up in Walmart. Yeah, I know! I only had 5 items in my cart and when I went to checkout, the shortest line was a 10 items or less line. Unfortunately there was an elderly lady already checking out in that line and she had to have at least 50 items in her cart. Seriously, can’t old people read? It wasn’t too bad at first, the cashier was pretty fast so I waited and then the horror really began. The old lady had a FISTFULL of freaking coupons, OMG. And of course there were problems with a few of the coupons, they wouldn’t register for some reason. This prompted a call to a manager to come over and help the cashier.

Of course it takes 5 minutes for a manager to show up to get it all straightened out. He was probably in his office tweeting photos of his penis all over the internet, which seems to be all the rage these days. When told that some of her coupons couldn’t be used she starts arguing about it, then after a few minutes finally that gets all settled. THEN she pulls out…. wait for it… a FREAKING CHECKBOOK!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh, at this point I just wanted to scream. Of course that takes another 5 minutes. Unbelievable. You ever watch an old person write a check in seeming slow motion while your life is slowly slipping away?

A few days later, I had another old person with a checkbook encounter in Dallas in a grocery store. The line was short, she only had a few items but when she tried to pay with a check it wouldn’t go through. Here we go with ANOTHER wait for a manager session to come fix the problem. Seriously, I just wanna reach over and SNATCH that damn checkbook right out of their hands, tear it in half, throw it on the floor and stomp the crap out of it and scream at them to get a damn bank card already so we can stop wasting other people’s lives.

Please old people, for the love of god or whatever the hell you believe in, if you have any shred of decency and any respect for the remaining bits of sanity of society in general, please, please, PLEASE get a bank card already.


Ok, I’m almost to the wedding part but first a warning about Mapquest. Apparently they now have some kind of helper app they want you to download to be able to use their maps more effectively. You DO NOT want this leechware on your computer. My mom got this on her pc last week. It hijacks your browser homepage and search engines to an offshoot of BING search and there is no way to uninstall it. Resetting your homepage does not work, the next time you open your browser it’s BACK. It sets everything to go through a page called Search.conduit and it’s godawful to get rid of. Even my strongest virus removal program didn’t recognize it as malware. I ended up having to go into Firefox’s configuration files and resetting everything and it was a total pain in the ass to get rid of.


Now for the wedding!! The event took place at a home owned by a relative of the groom, and they had a beautiful backyard with a large gazebo and a curved flagstone walkway leading up to it from the main house. They spent a lot of time on the decorations and lighting, the event was catered and everything went together very smoothly. She is 48 and it was her first marriage, we were beginning to think she would never find Mr Right, lol. There were about 140 guests, family and friends. In the photo below, that’s my dad walking her up the aisle. Click the photo for a larger image.

In the photo below they are saying the vows, her new husband is on her right. On her left in the burgundy dress is my sister’s best friend and maid of honor who sang a couple of songs during the ceremony. She has a beautiful voice. On the groom’s right is his brother, the best man. Again, click the photo for a larger version.

The only bad thing was that it was pretty damn hot out and we did a lot of sweating! lol. It was a pretty amazing day, I was very proud of my sister, she and her husband did most of the work setting up and planning the entire thing on their own. I know it was a helluva lot of effort but it really paid off and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.

That’s all I got, hope you’re all having a great weekend!!

June 5th, 2011

I am really not happy about many of the shows that have been cancelled this season, you get hooked watching them then they take it all away. Bastards! Here’s a list of my favorites that got the boot.

  1. Detroit 187
  2. Chase
  3. Chicago Code
  4. Dark Blue
  5. The Defenders
  6. The Event
  7. The Gates
  8. The Good Guys
  9. Human Target
  10. Law & Order Los Angeles
  11. Lie To Me
  12. Mr. Sunshine
  13. Perfect Couples
  14. Terriers
  15. The Paul Reiser Show
  16. Off The Map
  17. Traffic Light

But there is a plus side to all the cancellations, some real stinkers are getting dumped, yay!!

  1. Sarah Palin’s Alaska
  2. Stargate Universe
  3. Skating With the Stars
  4. No Ordinary Family
  5. The Hasselhoffs
  6. Caprica
  7. Undercovers

There’s a bunch more that got cancelled but I never saw them so I won’t comment. While that doesn’t quite balance it all out, it helps lol


By the way, today is my birthday! I was gonna list some famous people that were born today, unfortunately there were none that were truly notable, damn the bad luck.

I’m meeting with my folks later this morning, they’re treating me to a birthday lunch at Copelands Restaurant, so that will be cool. Other than that today is nothing special, no party and probably no cake. But that’s fine because after you hit 30 years old, birthdays tend to suck. You really don’t need anymore. It’s sorta like your favorite TV shows getting cancelled. Yay!

May 24th, 2011

I’ve been updating all of my websites, mostly because they’ve been sorely neglected for the past couple of years. Not just completely new designs but ten brand new Blogger layout templates for Free Blogger Skins and I’ve also updated a few of the older most popular templates.

I’ve also just started up a brand new website called Laff Away that’s a collection of all the funny junk I can find all over the web, mostly reposted mixed in with some of my original content. I plan on putting up a lot more original stuff as I go. I found a photo of a laughing puppy and thought it would make a cute logo and that’s him on the left. Check it out if you please and give it a bump on Facebook if you don’t mind =).


In other news, I did a job for a client in New York and I finished it last week. He needed a lot of modifications to the site for new features mostly, not a complete redesign. When it came time for him to pay me he said he was “working on the money” and I haven’t heard from him in over a week now. And he’s not replying to my emails. At least I didn’t send the him the updated template and he’s not going to get it until full payment is cleared. I should have gotten a down payment but I waived it because the website has been there for years and it has in excess of 5,000 posts, I really didn’t think he would stiff me. I’m not going to mention the name of the website yet but I will if he doesn’t come through. Live and learn… I guess.


Have you ever had a swollen saliva gland? I had an issue with mine for the past several years on my right side. It would intermittently swell whenever I ate anything and it never seemed to have a pattern. The name of that gland is the parotid. The swelling was caused by saliva not being able to come out of the duct, it would keep producing but since it couldn’t escape it backed up and became swollen. The end of the duct makes a sharp turn as it passes through the muscles in your cheek and the doctor thought that was where the blocking was occurring. The swelling never lasted long, maybe a couple of hours at most. Sometimes It wouldn’t bother me for up to 6 months at a time and then it would flare up. The swelling was pretty damn painful and looked balloon like just in front of my right ear.

I did see an eye, nose and throat Doctor for it a few years ago and he dilated the duct with a small probe and it didn’t bother me for a very long time. But it eventually it came back and every time I decided to go see another doctor it would go away. Until about two months ago when it got really bad and the swelling didn’t go down for several days. I got in to see an oral surgeon and he thought it might be a stone in the duct so he did some X-rays but nothing showed. He did warn me that if there was a stone it might not be dense enough to show on X-rays. He was able to clear the swelling like the previous doctor and it didn’t bother me anymore for almost two months.

Then it came back again, really, really bad and I decided to put some some pressure on it to try to force out the blockage. After lots of very painful squeezing a stone came out! It was about the size of a grain of uncooked rice. What a relief! No signs of any more swelling since then and it’s been over a week now.


Well we haven’t flooded out yet,we still have our fingers crossed. The tornados in the news are just freaky, why so many? My heart goes out to all those caught in them and for the lost loved ones.

That’s all I have today! Hope you all have a great Memorial weekend!!

May 19th, 2011

With all the interest in how high the Mississippi River is I decided to go over and see for myself, closeup. I didn’t have to go far, I live three blocks away. There’s actually a small overlook with park benches on the top of the levee and there is a parking area at the foot of the levee. No sooner did I get out of my car and start walking up with my camera, some government worker came running up yelling that I couldn’t park there. They really are super sensitive about the levee integrity, so I ended taking my pictures from a different point where there was parking further away from the levee proper.

Once I was able to make it up top the view was pretty surprising, the water level is as high as I have ever seen it in my life and I was born here and lived within a few blocks for a good portion of that time. In the first photo I am standing on top of the levee and the ship’s water line looks almost level with me. Actually it’s about 5 or 6 feet lower which doesn’t sound bad until you realize that the road behind and below me is about 20 feet lower than I am. So basically the river is about 15 feet higher than the level ground, so that’s kinda scary if you can imagine the river breaking through and flooding the area.

In this next photo, I’m standing in the exact same spot but I just turned to my left to try and show the difference in height between the water level on the right and the road on the left. It’s kind of hard to tell the difference in the photo because of the perspective.

The next couple of photos I took just for fun from about the same spot and thought they were kinda cool. All the pictures were taken just across the river from the uptown New Orleans area.

So there you have it, a few pictures that kinda, sorta give you an idea of how much water is at stake.

And here’s one more from a Google satellite view of my immediate area where I marked some points of interest. Click the image for a much larger and readable view.

Here’s something I stumbled across recently, a video on YouTube with a song called “When the Levee Breaks” by Memphis Minnie and Joe McCoy recorded in 1927 I think. Of course the song became a lot more famous when Led Zeppelin re-recorded it, lol. They didn’t have an embed link so I couldn’t post it here, but here’s a still from the video, you can catch it here.

Anyway, I’m just full of pictures today aren’t I? And here’s to hoping that no one else gets flooded out by the river, got my fingers crossed!

April 28th, 2011

Yesterday I got a call to go out and repair a PC for a previous customer, a very sweet, 88 yr old lady. Her complaint? “I can’t get on there where they got all that stuff on there, you know?” Translation: she couldn’t get on the internet.


I think it’s Donald Trumps turn to release a couple statements, one for his earnings and taxes, the other to acknowledge that he knows no one is fooled by his ridiculous hair pie. I think it would say a lot about the man’s character if he thinks he is actually fooling people. I hope he does run for president, it will be like open season for comics, I can just imagine how much material he will give them during campaigning and I love a good laugh!


My Paypal debit card information was on the Playstation Network and involved in that reported data theft of 77 million people this past week. Rather than worry about it, I decided to report the card stolen and cancel it, and get a new one. Suddenly Paypal has no idea who the hell I am after 7 years and is requiring me to send in three forms of ID to give me a new one. My Social Security number, a utility bill with current address and a scan of my drivers license. Having a premier business account and my local bank account information verified and a security key card log in apparently isn’t enough. I’m now surprised they didn’t require an iris scan, DNA test, my blood, my urine and a freaking stool sample as well.


Went to renew my La. drivers license this morning and checked the DMV website to make sure I brought everything I needed before I left. Two notable things that I read were that I didn’t need to retake the eye exam since my old license wasn’t yet expired and the other was that credit cards, debit cards, cash, money orders and personal checks were all accepted. Guess who had to take an eye exam and had no choice but to pay in cash only? Good thing I happened to have enough cash on me. On the plus side, holy shit they were fast! I was in and out in about a half an hour with finished license in hand.


2001: Congress mandates that in the future all cell phones will track user locations to facilitate finding people making 911 calls.

2011: Congress is like HOLY SHIT cell phones are tracking people!?!?


After a week of silence Apple finally states that their iPhones aren’t tracking people. They also promise an update that will stop their cell phones from tracking people…


April 25th, 2011

I own a few websites all over the web and each of them display Blogger templates that I have designed over the years. All of the templates are free to download and use on personal blogs, that’s what they are there for. The total number of free templates is 68, spread across 4 websites. The issue is that they are constantly being stolen and displayed on other websites in spite of the fact that my Terms of Use explicitly states that the templates are NOT to be redistributed on any other website, in any way, shape or form.

They put my work on their websites and run advertising to make money from their visitors. The worse part is that usually they hotlink directly to my files and images on my Blogs Gone Wild! server so I am actually paying for the bandwidth so that these assholes can make money off of content that they stole from me. And it’s not just the images and files, they usually copy/paste my descriptions of each template right off the post and onto their websites. Word for word. Unbelievable.

Here’s a list of my websites that I’m talking about:

Emailing them and telling them to remove my content has proven to be a total waste of time so what I have been doing is editing the names of the images and the links to the template codes so that the links end up broken and useless on their site. Most of the offenders aren’t even in the USA so I don’t have much legal recourse. Suing would cost money, money that wouldn’t be worth what I make from my own advertising on those sites. Fortunately they don’t seem to check their own websites very often so the links stay broken. But still, it’s a huge pain in the ass for me to keep looking for offenders and editing file names. I’m at the point now where when I find hotlinks to my images, I’ll be replacing the images with some very hardcore porn. That’s going to be my next step.

What prompted me to write this post was after looking through links to my different websites this morning, I came across a site that had copied the entire template code from my Charmskins site which runs on WordPress and they had pasted it in to use as all the web pages on their website. They just deleted the parts they didn’t like and put in the stuff they needed. I don’t care much about the code itself, HTML and CSS is open source and it can’t be copyrighted anyway. But in this case they didn’t bother with hosting the images for the template on their own server. They were hotlinking images on MY server to load their entire website! I was like WTF??? Seriously people? Give me a break. Needless to say, I put a stop to that. I’ll probably get an email from them bitching at me for breaking their website by moving the images they were stealing from me, lmao.

I know it probably sounds like I’m whining but this post is also a warning to anyone looking for free templates for their blog. In one case I found that a website had stolen my templates and modified them in such a way that they included malware and was redistributing them on another site. This included hidden links inside the code to online casinos, pornography and illegal medical and stolen software websites. And, they left the back links to my own website intact. That indirectly makes me look responsible!

If you are looking for a free template for your blog or website you really need to be careful where you download from because you never know what you’re going to get. If you know what you’re looking at you can inspect the template code carefully to make sure there is nothing suspicious or at least make sure you really trust the website you are downloading from. Here’s an excellent article on hidden links and malicious code if you want further reading on the subject:

WPMU – Hidden Malware Warning

Just beware out there!

April 17th, 2011

I just read an interesting article over at Popular Science about researchers applying electricity to people’s brains. Supposedly it helped them play video games twice as well while the voltage was applied. This makes me wonder why in the hell didn’t they test it for something more practical, like helping people to drive better. Lots of people could certainly use that!

I dunno, looks pretty shaky to me.

Here’s a sampling of people that could have been helped by such technology.

Gravity can be such a bitch!

Next time I’ll give it more gas!

Missed it by this much!

This guy had one jolt too many!


I hate when I forget to shake up the mustard and all that comes out is mustardy looking water.


Just finished a complete redesign of Blogs Gone Wild! Includes an all new About Me, new navigation and extended portfolio pages, check it out. =)

April 9th, 2011

I really, really, really hate to talk about anything to do with politics because just thinking about it makes me want to spew, since there’s hardly ever any meaningful political discussion, it always descends into name calling and blame hurling from both sides, but I’m going to make this exception. By law, we apparently have to have a budget for the government to operate at all but when it’s all said and done it’s a useless gesture. They know they are budgeting more than we will take in, it’s already a deficit the moment it’s passed. But I think an equally large problem is that no matter what they pass they will never stick to it anyway. They are completely incapable of running this country in a way that it could operate within it’s means or it’s budget.

And the problem isn’t just the Feds, it’s virtually every city, town, county and municipality in this entire country. They cannot operate within their means. They set budgets then fail to abide by them. And by them I mean us, ALL of us. At the very root is the average citizen who cannot live within their own personal and household means and uses credit as a way of life. As long as we’re ok with that we will never be able to hold our government to operating within it’s means. Borrowing against the future seems to be business as usual and until it stops we will always be in the hole. It’s human nature apparently and as long as most people have some sort of way to get credit and carry credit cards around it just enforces the mentality that borrowing is good and by extension it’s ok for the government to borrow money against the future as well. Eventually there will be nothing left to borrow.

/end rant